Judy, you’re a genius! The supplements you recommended worked. Within a few hours yesterday afternoon my black mood lifted, and today I felt great when I woke up and my joint pain is gone! – J.P.

I experienced a lot of inertia, feelings of overwhelm, digestive disturbances, weight gain around my middle, and numerous other symptoms. Judy gave me a program that right away had me feeling like my “real” self again. I have new energy, motivation, and enthusiasm for life. I lost 2” off my middle. When I went back over the symptom checklist 6 months later, I saw how many symptoms I used to have but have no longer. Thanks Judy! – L.M.

I am feeling better and better all the time! My digestion has improved and my sinuses are much better – they’ve never felt like this. I’m not getting sinus headaches or burning in my face. I didn’t know what it felt like to be this healthy! – D.C.

When I first came to Judy I was in and out of depression, had no motivation to do anything, and had terrible itching on my head and shins. I’d had hot flashes for five years that made it difficult to think and focus. I didn’t feel like exercising. Since working with Judy the hot flashes and itching are gone, I’ve joined an exercise club for women, and have built up muscle and improved my metabolism through exercise. My depression is gone and I have more control over emotional eating. – J.H.

I was feeling sluggish and slow, confused, forgetful, unmotivated, depressed—I suspected food allergies but lacked the mental clarity to identify them. After just five weeks, my mind is much clearer. I can get organized, prioritize; accomplish things I could only daydream about before. I have lost weight and feel more fit, and the “brain fog” is about gone! – J.L.

I had a bone density test in August of 2009 which showed Osteopenia. My doctor told me to take more calcium. Thank Heavens I made an appointment to see Judy Stone, thinking she could instruct me on foods high in calcium. Judy had me get tested and discovered that I’m Gluten-Intolerant, which (I’ve learned) is a major cause of Osteopenia. She had me start on a gluten-free diet and some supplements tailored for my needs so that I could absorb calcium and other nutrients better. Judy is very patient and makes sure you understand which foods to avoid and which ones will enhance your health. I noticed improvements in my health very soon: Digestive symptoms have improved; my mood is better (and I’m no longer jittery); I have more energy, fewer aches and pains (much decreased use of over-the-counter pain meds); my sinuses are healthier; and I sleep more restfully! -D.H.

When I first came to Judy I had low energy, was sluggish, and had a lot of colon and digestive issues. Within six weeks my energy is up, I’m coping with my allergies much better, and my colon is calming down. – A.Z.

For the last 4 to 5 months my 10-year-old son was tired, wanting to sleep a lot and had episodes of sudden stomach cramps. He’d get flush, hot and was just miserable. An episode would last 2-3 hours and he’d be even more tired afterwards. Since bringing him to Judy his sleep is much better—deeper and more restful—he’s more alert, has more energy and there’s an overall improvement in his mood and well-being. The stomach cramping episodes have stopped almost completely and if they do arise the episodes are much shorter and less intense and the recovery is much faster. My son says, “I like coming to visit Judy—it’s a good experience”. – R.S.

I was trying to eat “good” food but I was hungry all the time; I took vitamins and minerals but wasn’t sure how or if they were absorbing. After working with Judy I feel calmer than I have for years, and I’m not hungry all the time anymore. – S.K.

I felt tired all the time and had difficulty doing all I wanted to do, and was having pre-menopausal symptoms. After starting with the recommended supplements and making the suggested dietary changes I noticed an immediate improvement in my energy level. I’ve lost weight and am sleeping better. My pre-menopause symptoms are more manageable. – A.M.

I visited Judy for the first time just before Thanksgiving in 2009 with a primary goal of losing weight. After reading my health history, and hearing how my life was controlled by Colitis symptoms (I couldn’t leave the house until late in the morning and couldn’t go anywhere unless I knew there was a bathroom close by) Judy said that my first goal had to be addressing my colitis. She recommended that I avoid all grain products for a period of time so my gut could heal, and several other dietary changes, along with some supplements to calm the inflammation, repair the damage, and support my digestion. Everything she suggested was helpful to me. In three days my symptoms improved significantly which motivated me to continue with the diet. During the next 6 months, I had several setbacks and my colitis symptoms returned, but we worked with those, and each time the flare-ups were less severe and shorter-lasting. I have now been symptom-free for over 3 months but have been able to eat some grains again. For me avoiding gluten has not been too great a sacrifice because of the well-being that has resulted. Now I am used to feeling well and am better able to address my other nutritional goals. – D.D.