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Thank you for your interest in Center for Functional Nutrition, formerly Nutrition Magician. fruit We believe that health care is not drug care. Drugs are chemicals and are probably best reserved for critical, life-or-death situations.

We believe most health problems can be alleviated through good nutrition, and by removing stressors which impede the body’s normal functioning and ability to heal. These stressors include all the toxins with which we come into contact on a daily basis, and other unnatural substances such as medications, fake foods, metals in the mouth and body, etc.

CFN + You = Results!

Judy, you’re a genius! The supplements you recommended worked. Within a few hours yesterday afternoon my black mood lifted, and today I felt great when I woke up and my joint pain is gone! - J.P.

I am feeling better and better all the time! My digestion has improved and my sinuses are much better - they’ve never felt like this. I’m not getting sinus headaches or burning in my face. I didn’t know what it felt like to be this healthy! - D.C.

Judy gave me a supplement program that right away had me feeling like my “real” self again. I have new energy, motivation, and enthusiasm for life. I lost 2” off my middle. Thanks Judy! - L.M.

After just five weeks, my mind is much clearer. I can get organized, prioritize; accomplish things I could only daydream about before. I have lost weight and feel more fit, and the “brain fog” is about gone! - J.L.

When I first came to Judy I had low energy, was sluggish, and had a lot of colon and digestive issues. Within six weeks my energy is up, I’m coping with my allergies much better, and my colon is calming down! - A.Z.

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Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning

Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning is a groundbreaking nutrition and diet book that shows readers how they can use the power of food to achieve optimum health. Take Two Apples cover Written by Judy Stone, a psychotherapist, nutrition expert, and the owner of Center for Functional Nutrition, Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning offers startling insights not only into the chemistry created within our bodies by our food choices, but also the role our emotions play in making those choices.

Through the holistic approach presented in her book, Stone has helped thousands of clients not just lose weight, but lower blood pressure and cholesterol counts, regulate blood sugar, reduce reliance on prescription drugs, and much more. Stone coaches readers on making small but long-lasting changes they can live with as they build a more healthful and satisfying lifestyle.

Protect Nutrition in Michigan

Are you aware that you may soon lose the freedom to choose among nutrition-based health care providers in Michigan? That’s right: most nutritionists who are not Dietitians will soon face excessive regulation that will effectively bar most from practicing nutrition in Michigan.

Recently the MI legislature, at the urging of the Michigan Dietetics Association, passed a law requiring that anyone practicing almost any kind of nutrition counseling, be licensed. Since then, the MI Board of Dietetics and Nutrition has been meeting to set specific rules for who qualifies for a license. The Licensing Board is stacked with Dietitians, who have thus far written rules that create a de facto monopoly for Dietitians.

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