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This is a fabulous, affordable, healthy, meal preparation and delivery service. The meals are varied, delicious, and made with care. In a very quick and efficient online process, you select the food you want from a weekly menu which offers entrees, lunches, specialty salads, and options for low carb and / or vegetarian eaters. Meals feature lots of vegetables that are not overcooked, varied flavors, and most dishes can be made gluten-free by request (although the kitchen itself is not gluten free so for very sensitive individuals, this is not a safe alternative). Some options are pasta based and for most people I recommend not eating refined carbs like pasta or baked goods on a regular basis, but there are many other options each week on the What’s Cooking menu, so avoiding refined carbs is not hard to do. Sometimes I order the pasta dish without the pasta and I have the sauce on Miracle Noodles (see below) a no calorie, no carb, tasty pasta alternative. I have used What’s Cooking for the last year and can highly recommend them.

Mei's Organic Chinese Kitchen - http://www.meisorganicchinesekitchen.com

If you love Chinese food but hate the MSG and sugar, or avoid Gluten, this food rocks!! I have had the privilege of taste-tasting Mei‘s food and I’m very impressed. The meals are organic, beautifully prepared, generous, and fresh tasting, not what one typically finds IMO in Chinese restaurants. Each meal has a soup, a filled, steamed bun (made from rice flour), a main entree, a vegetable dish, brown rice, and either a dessert of a peanut or almond butter honey roll or the option for an extra vegetable/salad dish. As someone who does not eat gluten and tries to avoid sugar, this meal service is a dream come true. I counsel my clients to cut down or eliminate refined carbohydrates and grains (depending on individual circumstance) and you will need to use your discretion on how the buns and brown rice in these meals fit into your diet. That said, these meals are excellent, a great value, and a real service to health conscious Chinese food lovers!

Do You Pine for Pasta?

Miracle Noodles - Click here to order!


If you're like me - avoiding gluten or keeping your refined carbs to a bare minimum - you have got to try Miracle Noodles. These noodles are made from yam root, are 100% soluble fiber, have no calories, no carbs, and no impact on blood sugar. They make a great carrier for anything you would have previously put on top of your pasta. Miracle Noodles are made in a variety of shapes to mimic traditional pasta; my personal favorite and the most popular are the Angel Hair Shirataki Noodles which are a fine cut noodle, more spaghetti-like than any of the others.

Eating Local

Washtenaw County and the surrounding area has the capacity to supply most of our citizens’ foods needs. And the more we spend our food dollars here, the more we grown our local and state economy, the more traceable and safer our food supply, and the fresher and more nutrient dense our food. In addition to the many Farmer’s Markets we have in the county (A2, Chelsea, Saline, Ypsi), we have many, many farmers and food producers who sell directly to consumers in various ways. One great way to get started finding these folks is through the website. Local Harvest (http://www.localharvest.org) is a national, searchable database for farms, CSAs (community supported agriculture) and products.

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