Judy Stone

Welcome! My name is Judy Stone. I am the director of, and Consulting Nutritionist (CN) at Center for Functional Nutrition. My approach to nutrition is called Functional Nutrition, or Functional Medicine Nutrition.

In Functional Nutrition, we don’t just focus on your symptoms. Symptoms are the tip of the iceberg; we go for the whole iceberg! I take a thorough history, listen carefully to your concerns, consider results of lab work, take in who you are, and where you are in your life, and come up with a plan to gradually help your whole body get back into balance so you feel better. I work with you using individually designed nutrition plans, and individually tailored supplement programs to support your body in healing itself. Here are some things you might want to know about Center for Functional Nutrition if you are considering partnering with us for improving your health.

We Make it Easier

Center for Functional Nutrition removes many of the obstacles that make a healthy diet hard to achieve. We know, that simply being handed a list of “do’s and don’ts” doesn’t cut it as far as making permanent, dietary shifts. We focus on helping you go from knowing what to do, to actually doing it, from “information to implementation”.

We Keep Up To Date

We keep up to date on current research, controversy and practice. Research and experience tells us that most people derive great health benefits from reducing or eliminating refined carbohydrates and sugar from their diets, and focusing on a diet of clean, whole foods. How one does this depends on individual needs and circumstances.

We Help You Identify Your Body’s Needs

In 1914, Dr. Daniel David Palmer noted that “When Educated and Innate Intelligences are able to converse with each other … (a possibility which a not very distant future may disclose) we shall be able to make a correct diagnosis.”


In the statement he referred to two kinds of intelligence available to determine the health status and guide the healing of a person — the “Educated” intelligence and the “Innate” intelligence. The Educated intelligence is what we acquire in school and through life experience. Innate intelligence we are all born with and resides in our body whether we recognize it or not.

Innate intelligence is what allows every living thing to adapt to its environment in order to survive. For example, a plant will turn itself toward the sun if placed on a windowsill. A baby’s heart beats and her small body digests and uses nutrients for growth, without being taught how to do these things.

We can support our innate abilities by eliminating things that are harmful to the body and adopting behaviors that are healing to the body. It’s also important to approach healing in the correct order. If you cut your hand in the garden, you would clean it first, then apply a salve and then bandage it. If these things are done in a different order, the healing process can be impaired.

We use laboratory, academic, and research knowledge as the basis for educated intelligence. Nutrition Response Testing allows us to tap into innate intelligence. At CFN we use both to determine the root cause of health challenges. Nutrition Response Testing also shows us the exact right order to approach the healing process. It’s exciting to see the amazing successes that our patients report to us every day at Center for Functional Nutrition. If you are not a Nutrition Response Testing patient, the technique likely won’t help you. But if you are a Nutrition Response Testing patient, it is my experience that you can achieve powerful results!